Northern Spy Apples & Nova Spy Apples


Did you know the Northern Spy Apple is a great apple for baking?  Ever since we lived in Pennsylvania and now in Oregon, each fall we’ve been buying a bushel of Northern Spy Apples from a local orchard.  Now we are growing  a version of the Northern Spy Apple of our own…the Nova Spy Apples!

The above picture was taken early in June.


Three to four years ago, Tim planted several apple trees, two Nova Spy and one Honey Crisp.  This year, we are seeing the ‘fruit’ of his labors with a healthy crop of apples on the the trees.


I took this picture a few days ago.  Sometime in September, we will harvest the apples, and we’ll make homemade apple pie.  I make the crust and Tim makes the filling.

Happy Monday!