The Fruit In Our Yard


The Oregon Grape Was Designated the Official State Flower in 1899.

If you count tomato plants as a fruit, then we have 10 different fruit plants growing in our yard this year. While we are pulling the Quilting Room together for the move in day this weekend, I want to share some of the pictures of the variety of fruit growing in the yard with you.


According to, I learned the following facts about the Oregon Grape:

It is “Also called holly-leaved barberry, the Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium)  is a shrub native to much of the Pacific coast and and is also found sparsely east of the Cascades. Its year-round foliage of pinnated, waxy green leaves resembles holly and resists wilting (the foliage is sometimes used by florists for greenery).

The Oregon grape plant bears dainty yellow flowers in early summer and a dark blue berry that ripens late in the fall. The fruit is tart and bitter, containing large seeds, but can be used in cooking (used to make jelly locally). The inner bark of the larger stems and roots of Oregon grape can be used to make a yellow dye.”

To be honest with you, I thought this plant was another Holly Tree plant growing wild in the yard, when my husband pointed out it was not Holly, but the Oregon Grape.

Have a good day!

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