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The New Sewing Studio

Craft Envy…Having A Place Of My Own


What used to be a chicken coop became a cabin and has now become a sewing studio!  In the above picture, the flannel board on the right sits on the floor waiting to be hung with the same clips used to hang mirrors.


Over the years, I have been having this running conversation with my husband.  I have been stuck on this thought, and I have been telling Tim I wanted my tombstone to say, “I finally got my own room.”  Now that I have this sewing space and the quilt room by way of the converted greenhouse, I’m thinking I will need to come up with something new for my tombstone.


The furniture from around my house and from my garage fit nicely.



Just a few years ago, Steve & Christine Rogerson donated the sliding glass door when the new cabin was in progress!  Now look at what a beautiful space this will be for sewing quilt projects together!


This 25 square box shelf can be purchased on line (or by phone or mail) from Pottery Barn. It only comes in dark stained wood and can be found in the office section of the catalog.  A good 8-10 years ago, my sons, Ben and Wes, helped me paint each of the boxes white as a summer group project.


A painting done on canvas by Silasa bought in Vientiane, Laos.


The blessing of having this studio will be I won’t have to put away projects while I’m working on them.


Did I mention how quiet this room is?  I really enjoy quiet reflective time to process the day. I, also, like to concentrate on  the person the quilt project is being made for when I am designing, cutting, sewing, and arranging the fabrics.

P1090167 P1090155

Thanks for touring the new sewing studio!

Check back to see what the latest project I’m working on is!

Here’s hoping your craft envy need will be met soon!


A Special Thanks to DyNaMik Records LTD!


A special thanks to DyNaMik Records LTD for featuring my blog on their Rebelmouse webpage!

You can find out more by CLICKING HERE: DyNaMik Records

When you see the Shadow Box Diamond In A Square Wall Hanging Quilt…just click on the quilt picture and you will be forwarded to the Rebelmouse page of DyNaMik Records LTD.

I am flattered and honored to be featured on their page!   Thank You to the DyNaMik Records Team for your support and your friendship…all the way from Ireland to the States!

All the best to you!


Fruit in Our Yard: Blueberries and Raspberries!


The Blueberries in June!P1080102

We have fresh blueberries this year!  It’s been so nice to be able to pick our own fruit and not have to buy it at a grocery store or from a fruit stand.

Maybe one of these days, we will have our own fruit stand.

No. I’m just kidding.

I don’t think I will be turning my city children and grand children into farm stand workers any time soon!


The blueberries in July.  We had to cover the blueberry plants with netting, because the birds were enjoying them so much!




I’m loving picking the raspberries to nibble on my way to the Quilting Room!


Soma and The Berries!


My manna of berries for the day!

Happy Summer Days To You!


Tight Quarters In The Sewing Cabin


This is the cabin on our property; it was originally a chicken coop from a 100 year old farm.  As you can see, it is very different from the greenhouse building, where I will be setting up my quilts.  Over the weekend, we converted the cabin into my sewing studio!


This little building was redone with recycled materials just before the greenhouse was built.


 Soma and Kaya are resting on the floor of this new work space.  It’s going to be tight quarters in the sewing cabin, but I think it is going to work out nicely.

This morning, I joked with my son, Wes, that I now have a quilting campus in the backyard!  He replied, “You have “Building  A” and “Building B.”

I will show you more pictures of my new sewing studio tomorrow!

Have a good day!


It’s Always A Good Day…

“Continue working on your “quilt.”  It will tell you something about the life you’ve lived and the things you’ve come to value.”

~Sue Bender, Plain and Simple Journal


It’s always a good day when the quilting is complete enough to roll the edge of the quilt!  The Shadow Box Diamond In a Square Wall Hanging has a lot of nice feather work.  This weekend, the quilt looked like this.


Now it looks like this…rolled on one end and small enough to change to the shorter sticks on the right and on the left of the quilt!.


I am still taking in the new quilt room, the smell of mowed grass mixed with fresh paint and musty carpets from the garage!  It smells like something fresh and new and old all at the same time!


This is what the back of the quilt looks like so far.  The lighter colored thread on the black fabric is looking pret–ty nice!

Hope the pieces of your life are coming together today!