A New Place to Quilt


We’re Turning A Greenhouse Space Into A Room To Quilt – Kaya at the Entrance of the Greenhouse

My husband, Tim, offered up his greenhouse in the backyard near our garden to convert into a place to set up large quilts.  The goal is to have a tranquil place to quilt and to not take over anymore of the house with quilt projects!  This greenhouse was built by Tim two or three summers ago with all of the windows we had replaced on the back of our home.

Day 1 Clean Up


The Left Side of the Room Before


The Left Window Area After


The Ceiling






The Right Window Before


The Right Window After

The room is 10.5 feet by 9.5 feet.  There will be no problem setting up a large queen size quilt in this space.  I’m very excited to have a place to have my quilt sticks, quilt bucks (stands), and quilting thread all in one place!

When the space is ready, I have the first large quilt picked out to set up in this space.  I’ll show you that quilt soon!

Have a Great Day!

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