A Fish Theme


A Salmon Fish Wall-Hanging

Not long after I moved from Pennsylvania to Oregon, I found a fun quilt shop in the neighboring city of Silverton.  This  fabric store has since changed hands and names over the years. However, I liked the nice selection of patterns and all of the fabrics needed to complete the projects. This is where I found the Salmon Fish pattern and the unique fabric to make the fish look like the Salmon found in the Pacific Northwest.


A close up of the materials used and the button hole stitch done by hand to outline each piece. I enjoyed finding different embroidery thread to match the different colors of the fabrics to make the fish.


This wall-hanging was made some 18 years ago to complete the fish theme in one of my children’s bedrooms.  Each of the Salmon pieces were ironed with lightweight reinforcement, pinned in place, and hand stitched with a button hole stitch to keep it in place. I hand quilted around the fish (stitch in the ditch) and added the vertical waves to mimic a look of water. I hand stitched a pocket for a dowel rod on the back and tacked the edging by hand.

Whatever you are doing, keep going!

I hope the pieces of life are coming together for you today!

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