The Next Quilt On Deck


The Next Quilt on Deck to Be Quilted is a Shadow Box Wall-Hanging!

The Shadow Box Quilt Pattern came from a book called, Country Quilts in a Day:  Using Strip Quilting & Other Speed Techniques by Fran Roen. I love the title of the book:  Country Quilts in a DAY…it never happened that way for me, but it sure has been fun trying to sew quilt tops together in a day!


I sewed this top together over 20 years ago!  Oh My!

Warmer Days


Warmer Days Mean Quilting Can Be Done on the Deck!

This is a picture of the Clorax Pen Vacation Quilt on the back deck.  I have finished quilting this one!

I have 3 different sets of C-Clamps and various sizes and lengths of pine boards, and a large collection of quilting thumb tacks I use to fit any size, large or small, quilt in a frame. I sometimes have three different quilts set in their quilt frames to work on at any one time.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!