The Amish Colored Star Baby Quilt


The Amish Colored Star Baby Quilt is finished!

It is approximately 45.5″ x 44.”  This quilt is for sale and can be purchased by clicking the STORE button found at the top of this post. Contact me at if you would like to buy this quilt for yourself or for a gift for a little one!


I used a chicken wire quilt stencil from The Stencil Company from Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania on the last area that needed quilted.

Being as I grew up in Western Pensyl-tucky, it was a joy to receive the 6 stencils I ordered wrapped in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Newspaper.  The Stencil Company was quick with the order and receiving the patterns so fast aided me in finishing this quilt!  A link to The Stencil Company website can be found HERE.


I am working on the multicolored edging and will post a completely finished picture soon!

Hope the pieces of life are coming together for you!


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