You Shall Not Commit Adulthood!


In Exodus 20:14 and Leviticus 20:10, the commandment reads, “You shall not commit adultery.”

A few years back, I heard a message by a pastor named Leo who spun the 10 Commandments with some 21st Century language.  Although his Febreezed version of the 10 Commandments was insightful, the commandment I keep hearing him say is:  “You shall not commit adulthood!”

Don’t get me wrong.  Pastor Leo was not encouraging wrong, hedonistic, or irresponsible behavior, but he was calling  attention to a form of inaction of trying new things and not losing your joy.  Dare I think he may have even been calling out the critic and the overly cautious actuary who know all of the reasons and statistics why a situation will not work for those who do try new things!

I’m worried, because I am wondering if I am starting to sound like this actuary as I talk to my adult children and my grandchildren?

Perhaps Pastor Leo’s words have come back to me, because I found myself beating back the inner critic within myself.  My inner critic is never more evident as when I feel the resistance to trying something new (let alone trying to do something I already know how to do in a different or new way).

Lately, I hear myself thinking:

*That might not work out.

*You’ll make a fool of yourself.

*My knees (hip, any body part really) will hurt.

*I’m not sure it’s the right time.

*I can’t shuffle the other responsibilities in my life at this time.

*Oh my Goodness! What am I going to do if I’m not in charge of the outcome of this event?  Can I even consider trying it?

*If I spend the money now, will there be money left for when I need it?

It never occurred to me that I would want to do less things, be less adventurous, prefer the safe route and the same routine as I have become older, but it’s happened.  I never really thought I would feel like Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels pinned down by thin strands of fear, snagging my next move.  I really thought when my children were 20 something I would have more time to do the things I wanted to do in life.  It has been hard to see the weeds of worry growing stronger than the seeds of hope of what is to come.

I am wondering if I have been committing the sin of adulthood by not trying new things and not meeting new people. I want to shift my sense of disappointment of ‘how I thought it was going to be’ and keep growing anyway!

My prayer today is, “Help me, God, not to commit the sin of adulthood!  Help me to look forward to the next thing, and be an admirer of others abilities and be an encourager of my own and others dreams!”

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