Seeing the Beauty


 A Peony Flower

I took this picture a few years ago of the bud of a peony flower found in our family garden.

Seeing the beauty in a moment requires simply slowing down and noticing what is going on around you.

Yesterday, I was caught in rush hour traffic on Marion Street in downtown Salem, Oregon.  Marion Street is a one way street with three to four lanes of traffic headed west with what feels like fifty lights, but in actuality it probably only has eight or more.  As only one or two cars moved forward with each light, I became lost in the time warp of standing traffic. While I was stopped at a light waiting for my turn to go forward, I began  wondering if my car was compact enough to pass through an intersection without blocking a crosswalk. Just at that moment, the driver of the car to my right caught my attention. The man at the steering wheel had drumsticks in his hands. The driver was probably listening to music, but instead of gripping the steering wheel, he was moving the drumsticks with great rhythm on the dash board of his car, his torso moving side to side; his head was focused, yet lilt and relaxed…like drummers move when they’re playing their instrument. Seeing this, I instantly smiled, and thought to myself, “What an interesting idea, I would have never thought of using the time sitting in traffic to practice an instrument.”   I found the driver with his fast moving drum sticks very relaxing to watch.  In the flash of a second, the light turned green, the cars got reshuffled, and the driver with the drumsticks was gone, but the joy of the moment is still with me.

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