Something on My Heart


I was thinking about a post I read recently on a blog written by Pete Earley. These words have come back to me several times since I read them a few weeks ago, because I think they are so true. The title of the post was: The More Sensitive, The More Susceptible: A Son’s Words.

I (Pete Earley) am drawn to what Sander Pick, the son of Jessie Close, said during a speech a few years ago.

“I’ve always thought that the more sensitive a person is, the more susceptible they are to mental illnesses. A sick joke in our universe is that the more it allows a person to see its beauty and deep connectivity, the more difficult it becomes for that person to maintain good mental health.

     “In our culture, we tend to treat this tradeoff with a fierce double standard. As long as they are sharing with us beautiful insights into humanity, we will love and cherish them as heroes, but if they fall into substance abuse, depression or any other form of mental illness, we tend to say, ‘It’s not our problem.’

     “Classically, these are artists, musicians, writers, etc., but, of course, they come in all sorts, unsung or not. These people tend to add value and meaning to our lives. At their best, they are the types who make us laugh and cry, to learn and to take risks and to love. They are brave and it angers me that as a society, we abandon them when their skies darken.”  -Jessie Close

It would be so good to know what to do when another person’s “skies darken.”  There is a lot to learn on how to help someone in their time of need. I feel I have so much to learn.

To find this post and other things written by Pete Earley click here:  Blog: Pete Earley

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