Loving Another “Within Its Unique World”

P1030147Beautiful Women I Met In Vientiane, Laos

“In love, it (the subject-subject model) takes the Other seriously and strives to know it as it really is “in itself.”  In humility, it opens itself to learn from the Other those realities only the Other can teach.  Far from romantic sentimentality, it requires us to pay loving, detailed attention to the Other within its unique world.”

P1020433A Dock in Laos

“A subject-subject model is embodied, rooted in touching and being touched.  It “rests on the assumption that the world is composed of living, changing, growing, mutually related, interdependent entities, of which human beings are one”.”

P1020446Dinner with Friends in Vientiane, Laos

“The subject-subject perspective is profoundly relational, and signifies that the other has value, in and of itself.”

P1020704Collecting the Boats After A Group Trip Floating Down the River in VangVieng, Laos

“The process of adopting a subject-subject mentality demands maturity, fearlessness, and discipline.”

I believe this subject-subject concept is true in relating to people and is also true in caring for the environment where we live.  How we care for one another and for our environment matters.

All quotes were found on page 40 of Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology:  Foundations in Scripture, Theology, History, and Praxis by D. Brunner, J. Butler, and A.J. Swoboda.

Pictures taken by my son, Ben, and me.

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