School Auction Quilts


It’s that time of the year when items need to be made for school auctions. Here are two quilts with the same pattern I made for two different school auctions. This is a great way to use your scraps. The above quilt brought in $80.00 for the school; it was made with 15 kindergarten students including my son, Wesley’s, plus the teacher’s hand print.


This quilt brought in $130.00 and is made with the hands of the 8th grade students I taught back in the day.

I recommend a light interfacing on the fabric used for the hands. Each student outlined one hand on the side of the interfacing and cut it out. The heart shapes were cut out ahead of time using interfacing or heat’n bond already ironed in place on the back.  Each student picked out the heart to compliment his or her hand and did the layout of their own block.  The student signed their block with a fabric marker or a matching colored Sharpie. The hands and hearts were button-hole stitched either by hand or by machine.  I machined pieced and hand quilted both quilts.



The silhouette of two trees found on Perkins Road

Reflecting on the question:  What do I want to do in 2015?

I’ve been processing this question since the holiday break when I was playing board games with a group of young people. One of our group members was working on her list of 100 things she wanted to do in 2015.  On her list were fun things like…Have people over to my house…Go to Iceland…Make new friends. At the end of 2014, this young person evaluated her list and was happy to share she had made 4 new friends.

This got me thinking about lists and writing out goals and preferences for this coming year.  I believe if you know what you are looking for, you are more apt to find it. Writing your hopes and plans out makes them more likely they will become a reality. And making a list of things I want to do in 2015 would give me focus and a benchmark to let me know if I am making progress.  I’ve found myself thinking about doing quite a few things like hiking new trails, taking classes, trying new recipes, starting a new exercise routine…but not following through with anything.

Here are 14 things I want to do this year.  I will keep you updated on how it’s going.

1. Walk the dogs more. We are doing extended dog sitting with the two sweet pups below. I need to exercise more and so do they.


Kaya is a border collie-dachshund mix and Soma is a Basenji. No worries, both pups get along with our cat, Cheddar!

2. Hike 3-5 new trails…bring the dogs along.

3. Change up my diet…eat less calories and exercise more.

4. Find exercise I enjoy doing and make time for it.

5. Finish writing the short story trilogy I started.

6. Blog a devotion a week for you.

7. Make and sell two or more quilts this year.

8. Finish sewing/quilting my son Wesley’s quilt

9. Meet new people and make a new friend or two.

10. Pursue my next course of training and sign up for the classes.

11. Continue taking pictures…look into taking a photography class…sign up…and do it

12. Start cleaning out the garage and selling the things I don’t need.

13. Teach a person how to sew…a dress…make a quilt, etc.

14. Do something that scares me and stretches me, at the same time…not bungie jumping though.  Something that pushes me out of my comfort zone!

What do you want to do this year?

Star Baby Quilt


Amish Colored Flannel Baby Quilt

This Amish colored flannel baby quilt is the next project I will be hand quilting. It is approximately 45.5″ x 44.”  This quilt is for sale by clicking the STORE button found at the top of this post.  Contact me at if you would like to buy this quilt for yourself or for a gift for a little one!

I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress!

Hope you’re having a great day!

Something Little


These two little wall hangings are only 7 x 8.5 inches. I made them over a decade ago to decorate the guest bathroom. It wasn’t until I was chatting with my daughter, Hayley, that I realized my love affair with making things…quilting projects, bags, embroidery projects, stuffed animals, blankets, wall coverings and gifts for people. My daughter agreed, saying, “I remember you always working on some sewing project.”  It’s true, along with the bag that had essential items to take care of my children’s needs over the years…from a diaper bag to a lunch bag to a snack bag to a gym bag to a back pack of papers on a college visit…I carried my craft bag with the latest project I was hoping to finish someday soon.

One of my goals when I visited my grand daughter, Matilda, in the Bay Area, was to take her to the fabric store.  I want to get her comfortable with shopping for fabric with me, because I am secretly hoping she will like to make things, too. Funny thing is, when we went to the fabric store, Hayley, (Matilda’s Mom) came with us. Hayley saw a Vogue dress catalog and found a dress she wanted to make.  We strolled through the fabric section, and Hayley picked out a beautiful piece of fabric. My daughter, who last sewed in her home ec class in middle school, made a dress over the time I visited. I just got a text this morning that she is wearing the dress she made to work today!  Wow!  What a fun experience. I didn’t take a picture of the dress (but I thought about it…but didn’t). Check back later, and maybe I will have an update with Hayley in her dress~!

A Quilt For College

While visiting my daughter’s house, I was happy to see her quilt again. I thought you might like to see it too.  Hayley was into Zebras at the time, and this is the design I used to make her a quilt to take to college. I bought some of the fabric from a website called Keepsake Quilting. This is a single bed size quilt; I machine pieced the top together, and hand quilted it myself.P1060300


This is the scallop pattern I used to quilt the zebra mid-section.


The trim and border


A close up of the border quilting.


The corners all look like this.  The single zebra square is stitched in place with a button hole stitch done by hand.


The quilt label on the back reads:  Hayley, you are a joy to me!  I love you.  I will be thinking of you and wishing the very best for you always!  ~Mama

I think it is a cool blanket made with love for someone I was really going to miss not being home on a regular basis anymore!

Sabbath Rest Part II


4 H Garden and barn near my daughter’s home…surrounded by apartment complexes and a school

In the book Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology: Foundations in Scripture, Theology, History, and Praxis, the authors Brunner, Butler, and Swoboda write on the topic of the Sabbath. They ask two important questions: What will you stop doing? And what will you do to restore yourself?  In general, the Sabbath is about taking a day to not produce. Your sense of being is not restored in working on another accomplishment or clearing a check list of To Do Items. If you are going to have time away from what your normal accomplishments are, what are the activities you can do that will restore you?  I challenge you to wrestle with these questions and make time to be re-energized.


A few updates:

1. In the previous post, The Fabric From Japan Quilt, I wanted to share that the little girl named Matilda in the picture is my grand daughter. She just turned one. Matilda’s parents are Hayley and Cameron, and I’m Hayley’s mother. Her parents live in the Bay Area.  We’ve been having a nice visit~!

2. I am Matilda’s Amma. The first two letters of Mama are switched in the name Amma. An Amma is also the name the Desert Mother’s were called back in the day.  Desert Mothers were older women of whom others came to ask for advice and to ask questions. I want Matilda to know I am here for her and she can ask me questions, and we will have fun answering them together.  There were also Desert Fathers and they were called Abbas. If you are interested, you can  Google Desert Mothers or Desert Fathers and you will find some cool sayings recorded by them.

3. In keeping my word in the post, A Season to Admire, I didn’t buy any chocolate in the month of December other than one box of Raisenets at the very end of the month. We updated the lights on our Christmas tree, other than that, I did not do any unnecessary consuming. I kept my promise to admire what was happening this season, and not devour my way through the holidays. I am enjoying the time I have to spend with others and not thinking about wanting something ‘more.’

4. I’m looking forward to the new year and blogging with you.


Bee hives found in the 4 H garden area



Sabbath Rest


These are all of the charging cables I brought with me to California to keep my electronics in working order. Every person who owns an electronic device knows the benefits of the use of the device when it is fully charged and working. Makes sense doesn’t it? You buy an electronic, it should work. It works when it has power. To get powered, it needs charged. So, we find a power source and allow it to be charged.

If we know the exquisitely made electronic devices we own need to be charged, what about you and me?  We, who are fearfully and wonderfully made, are much more exquisitely put together than a cell phone or a laptop (Psalm 139). We need to be charged also. If we make allowances of time for our electronics to charge, people need to give themselves time to recharge too.  This recharging time is called Sabbath. Take it. Make time for it. Take care of yourself. Remind yourself to take a Sabbath break. You’ll feel better, and everyone else around you will benefit from you feeling fully restored too!

Happy New Year!