A Quilter and Her Quilts


I met Lottie while doing a service project. She stole my heart when she showed me a few of the quilts she’s made over the years.


A Cathedral Quilt made by hand and hand quilted by Lottie!

At the top of the picture and underneath the cathedral quilt was a queen size handmade yo-yo quilt.  I do not have a full picture of the yo-you quilt to show you.  Both quilts were stunning!


Hand embroidered and hand quilted by Lottie.



The Sun Bonnet Kids


 A pot holder Lottie made and gave me the last time I saw her. I love the blue shades she used on this project and her masterful points are sewn to perfection. It’s so cool!

One thought on “A Quilter and Her Quilts

  1. We Christmas caroled for Lottie in December 2013 and she is a most inspiring woman! She gave each of us a hand-crocheted pot scrubber and was most uplifting!


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