The Promise of Spring


I took these pictures a few years ago of a field of flowers growing in Silverton, Oregon.

Something I like about living in Oregon is spring time.  Oregon spring flowers are what the fall and the the changing color of the leaves are to the East Coast.  I am looking forward to Spring this year.

I’ve also been thinking about what happiness means to me in this season of life. It feels like a lot of curve balls in the form of challenging situations have been happening lately.  I’ve been reminding myself daily that my happiness is not based on another person being well or not well, or a diagnosis of a friend’s health, or on a loss, or on a disappointment, or on a betrayal, or how I would have liked life to work out, or how I hoped a plan would go, etc. How nice life would be if all of these things went the way I had hoped they would go. That would make choosing happiness so easy.

However, when life is hard and things don’t turn out the way we planned, we can choose how much we let a situation color how we see the world. What I know is I can choose happiness even when things haven’t turned out the way I liked. I’m accepting that life is a discovery of  things I never thought were going to happen. I’m growing in confidence that I can roll with how life is evolving even if it doesn’t make sense to me. I can be happy in the midst of a hard situation, because my happiness is not based on others or something outside of me. It’s a stance of inner integrity I can make on my own, and I can stand in that place in peace.


There hasn’t been any snow in my area this year…but we’ve had a bit of rain. The mild temperatures are making a difference. These flowers are not in bloom yet. I’m looking forward to what will be growing in this field this year!


I know spring is on it’s way, because there are bulb flowers for sale outside of grocery stores. And on a walk today, I saw a cherry tree with it’s first blossoms.  Don’t give up hope…spring is not far away!

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