Antique Morning Star Wall Hanging


Peach Colored Morning Star Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is 38″ x 39″ and is made with antique morning stars that are each hand pieced. The edges are machine sewn in place. After it’s quilted, this wall hanging is for sale at the STORE found on the tab bar above.  If you would like to make this quilt your own, email me at


The four stars were given to me by a friend.


I will be updating the marking design on the outer edges before I put it in the frame.

**If you are looking for a good home for your extra antique material, pieces of an antique quilt, a quilt that was started and you want to get rid of the extra fabric, I would happily take them off your hands. Email me at, and we can make a plan**

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This is a note my daughter made for me a few years ago.  I share it with you, because I love how the drawing of a quilting pattern was something she thought of when she thought of me.

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