Unblock Me!


San Juan Islands Vacation Quilt

There is a gaming app called Unblock Me! which is a simple game from the past that is now an electronic game of moving block pieces around to unblock, or open, a pathway to a new challenge on the next screen.  Metaphorically speaking, I’m feeling like I hit an Unblock Me! new screen with my quilting projects by finishing a few of the past quilt projects. Tops I’ve sewn a few years ago are surfacing, being completed, and new ideas are percolating.  It’s an exciting time.

This 16 block vacation quilt was done with fabric markers. Children of all ages can do a project like this.  At the time, we had one child in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school.


Fabric markers worked great. When each block was finished, I ironed the block or put them all in the dryer for 20 minutes to set the design.


I started the quilting this vacation quilt using a hoop several years ago and have just transferred it to the quilting frame to finish quilting a few more blocks and the edges.


I don’t recommend moving quilts started in a hoop to a frame.


I put this quilt in the frame, because I finish more projects when they are in a frame then in a hoop, and I wanted to quilt the edges with more ease.


I was actually surprised that there weren’t any bumps, lumps, or uneven areas moving the top to the frame. It is laying just right in the frame!


It’s a fun memory!


Wishing you many Unblock Me! moments!

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