School Auction Quilts


It’s that time of the year when items need to be made for school auctions. Here are two quilts with the same pattern I made for two different school auctions. This is a great way to use your scraps. The above quilt brought in $80.00 for the school; it was made with 15 kindergarten students including my son, Wesley’s, plus the teacher’s hand print.


This quilt brought in $130.00 and is made with the hands of the 8th grade students I taught back in the day.

I recommend a light interfacing on the fabric used for the hands. Each student outlined one hand on the side of the interfacing and cut it out. The heart shapes were cut out ahead of time using interfacing or heat’n bond already ironed in place on the back.  Each student picked out the heart to compliment his or her hand and did the layout of their own block.  The student signed their block with a fabric marker or a matching colored Sharpie. The hands and hearts were button-hole stitched either by hand or by machine.  I machined pieced and hand quilted both quilts.

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