Something Little


These two little wall hangings are only 7 x 8.5 inches. I made them over a decade ago to decorate the guest bathroom. It wasn’t until I was chatting with my daughter, Hayley, that I realized my love affair with making things…quilting projects, bags, embroidery projects, stuffed animals, blankets, wall coverings and gifts for people. My daughter agreed, saying, “I remember you always working on some sewing project.”  It’s true, along with the bag that had essential items to take care of my children’s needs over the years…from a diaper bag to a lunch bag to a snack bag to a gym bag to a back pack of papers on a college visit…I carried my craft bag with the latest project I was hoping to finish someday soon.

One of my goals when I visited my grand daughter, Matilda, in the Bay Area, was to take her to the fabric store.  I want to get her comfortable with shopping for fabric with me, because I am secretly hoping she will like to make things, too. Funny thing is, when we went to the fabric store, Hayley, (Matilda’s Mom) came with us. Hayley saw a Vogue dress catalog and found a dress she wanted to make.  We strolled through the fabric section, and Hayley picked out a beautiful piece of fabric. My daughter, who last sewed in her home ec class in middle school, made a dress over the time I visited. I just got a text this morning that she is wearing the dress she made to work today!  Wow!  What a fun experience. I didn’t take a picture of the dress (but I thought about it…but didn’t). Check back later, and maybe I will have an update with Hayley in her dress~!

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