Sabbath Rest Part II


4 H Garden and barn near my daughter’s home…surrounded by apartment complexes and a school

In the book Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology: Foundations in Scripture, Theology, History, and Praxis, the authors Brunner, Butler, and Swoboda write on the topic of the Sabbath. They ask two important questions: What will you stop doing? And what will you do to restore yourself?  In general, the Sabbath is about taking a day to not produce. Your sense of being is not restored in working on another accomplishment or clearing a check list of To Do Items. If you are going to have time away from what your normal accomplishments are, what are the activities you can do that will restore you?  I challenge you to wrestle with these questions and make time to be re-energized.


A few updates:

1. In the previous post, The Fabric From Japan Quilt, I wanted to share that the little girl named Matilda in the picture is my grand daughter. She just turned one. Matilda’s parents are Hayley and Cameron, and I’m Hayley’s mother. Her parents live in the Bay Area.  We’ve been having a nice visit~!

2. I am Matilda’s Amma. The first two letters of Mama are switched in the name Amma. An Amma is also the name the Desert Mother’s were called back in the day.  Desert Mothers were older women of whom others came to ask for advice and to ask questions. I want Matilda to know I am here for her and she can ask me questions, and we will have fun answering them together.  There were also Desert Fathers and they were called Abbas. If you are interested, you can  Google Desert Mothers or Desert Fathers and you will find some cool sayings recorded by them.

3. In keeping my word in the post, A Season to Admire, I didn’t buy any chocolate in the month of December other than one box of Raisenets at the very end of the month. We updated the lights on our Christmas tree, other than that, I did not do any unnecessary consuming. I kept my promise to admire what was happening this season, and not devour my way through the holidays. I am enjoying the time I have to spend with others and not thinking about wanting something ‘more.’

4. I’m looking forward to the new year and blogging with you.


Bee hives found in the 4 H garden area



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