Sabbath Rest


These are all of the charging cables I brought with me to California to keep my electronics in working order. Every person who owns an electronic device knows the benefits of the use of the device when it is fully charged and working. Makes sense doesn’t it? You buy an electronic, it should work. It works when it has power. To get powered, it needs charged. So, we find a power source and allow it to be charged.

If we know the exquisitely made electronic devices we own need to be charged, what about you and me?  We, who are fearfully and wonderfully made, are much more exquisitely put together than a cell phone or a laptop (Psalm 139). We need to be charged also. If we make allowances of time for our electronics to charge, people need to give themselves time to recharge too.  This recharging time is called Sabbath. Take it. Make time for it. Take care of yourself. Remind yourself to take a Sabbath break. You’ll feel better, and everyone else around you will benefit from you feeling fully restored too!

Happy New Year!