On My Bucket List

Chapelle du Rosaire in Vence, France

From 1948-1951 a chapel was completely designed by neo impressionist artist Henri Matisse. The building design, the stained glass windows, the artwork on the walls, the furniture, the vestments worn for the service, and all of the elements of the liturgy were made by Matisse. It is a beautiful chapel and someday, I’d like to see it.

Henri Matisse and Sister Jacques-Marie

Sister Jacques-Marie was an influence on the Rosary Chapel being built.

Remarking upon the chapel’s completion, Henri Matisse stated that ‘this work required me four years of an exclusive and entiring effort and it is the fruit of my whole working life. In spite of all its imperfections I consider it as my masterpiece.’

The whole chapel is a beautiful piece of artwork.

The vestments Matisse designed for use in the chapel. I love how Matisse’s art work was translated into fabric pieces.

Also in Europe…

El Camino Santiago. or The Way of St. James is a hiking pilgrimage that begins in France and ends in Spain. 

The pilgrimage is any where from 780 km (500 miles) to 900 km long depending on the route taken.

Someday, I would like to follow trail markers like these to the Cathedral. of St. James.

I’ll let you know if it works out.

Quote made by Matisse found by clicking here: Matisse’s Masterpiece

A New York Times article about Sister Jacques-Marie can be found by clicking here: Influence for Matisse’s Rosary Chapel, Dies 

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