A Christmas Wish


When my children were young, I remember them checking the Advent Christmas Box (in the picture above).  It was a delight to see their curiosity of what was in the drawer each day. To be honest with you, as they got older I even took their groans of disappointment from what they found in the little drawer as a sign we were still communicating. I liked that they still cared about what they found, and that I was still trying my best to find something they liked. I enjoyed trying to make them happy, because at times it was a challenge to find something little that would hit the mark.

When I was young, I remember making a wish at this time of year. It came so easy to hope for something special to happen at Christmas time. What happens when we grow up?  Do we forget to make a wish?  Why does that hope go away?  Where does it go?  Does it dissolve into busyness and responsibilities?  Do we make wishes anymore? Does anyone (over 18) make a wish at Christmas anymore?

After years of nurturing my children through the holiday season, it struck me that I’ve stopped making Christmas wishes. The mysterious hope of of something happening that is not necessarily about a miracle, magical thinking, hoping for a white Christmas, (because it doesn’t usually snow in this part of Oregon), or a material item as it is a shift in how a relationship functions, a new way of seeing situations, or a moment that passes beyond my intellectual processing and taps something deeper in my senses that reminds me of the intrigue and the wonder of life.

My Christmas wish is for people to start making Christmas wishes again.

My personal Christmas wish is to find the sheer goodness in people and to in some small way share goodness with others.

If you haven’t already made a wish this year, I encourage you to make a Christmas wish.

Blessings to you

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