Less Is More



There are so many places where I can find really delicious tasting chocolate in the area. We had company at our house over Thanksgiving Break.  With my preparation time running short, I bought some Dove brand chocolate, dark chocolate and peppermint bark, to have around for my guests and me. It is very tasty chocolate. Then I read the bottom left hand corner of each package, and I realized 5 pieces of chocolate adds up to 200 or more calories.  I began to wonder if I really needed chocolate, and I realized I could probably live with out it. I have nothing against chocolate or Dove chocolate in particular, but in an effort to live life with less this month, I’m not going to buy anymore chocolate for myself. I think less will be more in this case, and I think I will survive if I don’t have some tasty chocolate bite to nibble or to hand out to others for a dessert.  I’m thinking I could even donate the money I would spend on buying chocolate to a local charity.  With the chocolate that is left, I think I’ll spend more time admiring it than devouring it.

I’ll let you know how it all works out (-if it works out)!

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