What is Nesting?


Nesting can be a word to describe someone who makes their living space a home, not just a house to live in with others. Someone who is a nest-er has a need for their living space to feel like a home by adding creature comfort features like comfortable beds, pictures on the wall, pictures of loved ones on the refrigerator, and creating a welcoming space.

Nesting can also be a phase a woman experiences in the last trimester of her pregnancy. This is when a woman has a flurry of energy and begins preparing the house for her baby to come home. For example, an expectant mom will want the crib is set up then moved around several times to find just the right placement in the room. With this sudden burst of energy, even the most unorganized mom suddenly becomes focused. She becomes attentive about her shopping, fussy about organizing her home, and intense when organizing her time in preparation for her baby coming.  But when it comes to quilting, nesting means something totally different.

Have you ever wondered how to get your seams on a sewing project to come out perfectly matched?  Nesting is a simple way to match the seams together of two fabrics, so there is a match in the seam line. I learned this tip from a woman named Ginger at a Hancock Fabric Store block of the month class.

This is what Ginger showed me how to do, and it works perfectly!  I begin by ironing the seam of each row in opposite directions.


With the rights sides of the fabric together, I keep working with the fabric until the seams match together.


I put a pin in place horizontally to hold the placement.


It’s good to check the seams to see if they line up correctly.


When I have the seams the way I like them, I pin the seams in place. Before sewing, I remove the horizontal pin.


When quilting, I do not press the seams open. I iron the seams towards the darker color. Especially when I’m hand quilting, pressing the seams towards the darker color is important so I’m not quilting through three layers of fabric plus the batting.

That is how to nest your fabric to get perfect seams!


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