Dating Tips For Teens Part III


This is the final entry on dating tips for teens. These tips were shared over several years to high school students at a private school. They were primarily used as attention-getters and were collected by my students.

23. The coolest trait about someone can also be the most frustrating.  For example, is someone is great at cooking, but not very good about cleaning up after themselves; it can become very frustrating.

24. A slug is a slug. They won’t change and you can’t make them change!  The way people are when you find them is usually the way they really are. Maya Angelo said, “Believe people when they tell you who they are the first time. They know themselves better than you do.”

25. Dating someone hot is cool, but will they be a good parent?  Will they be nice to your (future) kids’ friends?

26.  Loving someone is to give them space.  Don’t put them on a leash. Let them have freedom.

27. If they are high maintenance, cut them loose.

28. If you cut them loose, there is no need to worry about them, because they will find someone else to annoy.

29. Do they get back to you? How someone your care about gives you feedback or gets back to you is important.

30. If you are breaking up with someone, be honest about it.

31. We tend to marry someone like our mother or father, or just the opposite.

32. If you date someone from your home town or around the area you grew up, you are likely to stay in that area. If you date someone from out of town, from another state, or another country, there is a very good chance you will move away from your home town.

33. It is good to go over expectations when you’re dating. Do you want children? Is so, how many?  Will you go to your children’s soccer games together or not?  It’s good to talk out your hopes are and what you want to do together and not do together.

34. To the men in my classes, I would say, “Women are not objects. They are people.”  To the women in my classes, I would say, “If you don’t want to be treated like an object watch how you carry yourself.  It’s up to you to let a guy know what your gifts, talents, and dreams are…and whether you want to listen to country music or not. Speak up for yourself.”

35. Live your life as if you were already in love. I believe good things come to people who are reflecting what they are looking for already, because they have a positive, open, and hopeful attitude towards the future.

A resource suggested to me by one of my students for tips in talking with young people and relationships is the following book:

Guys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti by Chad Eastham and Bill and Pam Farrel