Giggle and Squeak

November 7, 2014

This is for the inner monster in you!

Monster Quilt

Running errands around Eugene, Oregon one day, my daughter, Hayley, and I stopped at a fabric store where I found the Giggle & Squeak pattern by Carrie Bloomston produced by Such Patterns Designs.  I knew Hayley and my son-in-law were thinking about having a baby sometime in the future, so I showed her the pattern. Hayley agreed that she liked it, saying something like, “I love monsters!”  So, I bought the pattern, and it looks like this:


Another design option looks like this:


Hayley and I found a color palate of fabrics at the same store where we found the pattern. Together, we picked out the fabrics for her future baby’s quilt. Because she has an excellent eye for design, photography, painting, and visual layout work, I asked Hayley to draw a sketch of which colors she wanted for each monster. I wished I could show you a picture of her sketch; it is cool looking in it’s own way.  I don’t have it, because I gave it back to her.

The quilt began taking shape.

 I looked at several shades of green minky fabric for the back of the quilt.

Monster Quilt5

The layout of this quilt reminded me of an animated monster Brady Bunch scene.

 I used matching colored cotton perle DMC floss to button hole stitch by hand around each monster design. The finished quilt size is 43″ x 43.”

The final layout of the characters looked like this:

Monster Quilt 3

I like to use quilt bucks, or stands, when I hand quilt with various sizes of soft 2″ x 4″ pine wood. I have two sets of quilt bucks. The first set was made by Brian and Yvonne Devers.  Brian saw how I was always bugging his wife to show me  how to do yet another quilt project…her quilts were beautiful…and always hand quilted!  So, after a year or two he quietly made me a set of buck stands, to which I am very thankful for his time and generosity.  The second set was graciously made by my husband, Tim, at my request. What was I thinking? Like I really needed two sets!

Monster Quilt 2

Matilda was born to Hayley and Cameron less than a year ago. I was tacking the binding on her quilt when she was born!  She is a dear baby!


 Hayley took this picture of  Matilda on her Monster Quilt!

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