November in Oregon

November 6, 2014

Because the weather is so mild in the Willamette Valley, November in Oregon is unique.  Sure, it might be raining from time to time, but compared to other parts of the country that have snow already, Oregon is nice.  Our yard has a few things still happening in it.

The grapevine looks like this now:


We still have raspberries growing!  True story!



Mushrooms flourish in this damp and mild weather. These mushrooms are not edible.



 November is also a good time to visit Bauman Farms. With the store’s permission, I share a few of the items we enjoy from their farm!

Bauman Farms is where I can find several varieties of preserves and syrups, including one variety of berries whose name this blog site uses, Marionberry!



Marionberries are a real produce in this area!

Other yummy’s our family enjoys from Bauman Farms are Apple Cider Cake Donuts and Sugarless Pumpkin Cookies.



 Are these pictures making you hungry?

What native fruits or plants are unique to your part of the world?

I’d like to hear from you!

Happy November!

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