My First Quilt and My First Entry!


November 3, 2014

I think it is fitting to have a picture of my first quilt on the first post of this new blog.

I made this quilt for my son, Ben, who was just a baby at the time, because the colors reminded me of him. I was intrigued by the sail boat pattern when I saw it in a craft magazine. My older daughter, Hayley, was just starting school at a private school found along a sleepy road in Western Pennsylvania called Soap Hollow Road.  This school had a tradition where the very first quilt made by a quilter was donated to the school auction and then bought back by a relative of the quilter. And that is what I did. I donated the quilt to that year’s auction and my husband, Tim, bought it back for me.


I was also drawn to the quilt pattern used in between the sail boats as shown in the picture above. I made the quilt stencil used above with an old plastic notebook cover.  I didn’t know much about squaring up a block or working with triangles, but I did enjoy putting this quilt together.  Because this was the first quilt I put in a quilt frame, I was a bit unsure of how long it would take me to do a whole quilt by hand.  So, a few friends came over one night a week for about five weeks to help me finish this quilt in time for the school auction.

I was into tea-dying fabric which I did to the fabric used for the sails on the sail boats and for the blank blocks.


My name is Molly, and it has been over twenty years since I made this quilt. A lot of life has happened since then. I live in Marion County, Oregon where you guessed it…Marion berries grow the size of your thumb!  Marion berries are a variety of black berries. I have lived in Oregon for over 18 years where my crafting itch has only grown since I’ve been here. I taught a block of the month class at a local fabric store for a time, taken classes and taught in classrooms over the years.

Something I love about the internet is the ability to read about other artist’s and craft people’s work, see their studios, view the projects they are working on, and read about the creative process of the work they are doing.  I want to join this craft community. I want to share my work and learn from others.

I want to share the stories of how the pieces of life come together to make something beautiful, even if it isn’t planned.

Thanks for joining me on this new journey!

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